Letter 2 America for January 25, 2024

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Dear America,

I have to admit this prejudice; since the advent of Trumpism, I have always thought of Republicans as lacking in one way or another.  For a long time I thought they were just dumb.  But over time it has become apparent to me through personal contact with some of them that such is not the case.  That is, some are, but some aren't.  I have also thought of them as addled or confused, but again, personal experience with them has shown them to be cognizantly purposeful for the most part, though again, some are just driven by the beliefs they inherited or the pressures of the society they keep.  I have found many of them to be intelligent, and some even morally so...some.  But things keep happening that make me wonder what is wrong with them.  Here's an example.

Of course, I can't know that it was a Trumper who did this, but as I drove into a parking spot at the supermarket an hour or so ago, I turned into a parking space and had to stop short because someone had left a cart square in the middle of the space, just next to the curb at the head of the space so I couldn't see it as I turned in.  I had to get out with my car half way into the aisle, get the cart and take it just across the aisle to the cart-collection facility--that's how close the idiot who left the cart where it would prevent someone else from using what he had chosen to use for his own convenience was to being able to do the right thing--and then almost autonomicly and ineluctably draw the conclusion as to what kind of person had done it.  The first thing that came to mind was a Republican, and second was a "Trumper."  That may have been unfair, and even peremptory with regard to Republicans in general, but I have no doubt that it was a Trumper, and thus no doubt it was a Republican too. They seem to think they are the definition of "American virtue," which seems to be synonymous with "entitled" and "special" to them.

Don't get me wrong.  They are entitled under the American system to have their political preferences and predilections...just as entitled as you and I are.  And they can vote for whomever they like, even if their choice is a blathering, pathologically narcissistic, aspiring autocrat who freely admits that his first day in office would be the day of Trump the dictator...even if their choice is someone who said to a crowd chanting "four more years" at one of his rallies, "ya' wanna drive 'em crazy, ask for twelve!"  The moron can't even add, but that observation doesn't contemplate the thought that maybe he meant twelve, as in, for as long as it takes for me to make my occupancy of the White House permanent by getting the 22nd amendment repealed by the Republican poltroons who don't dare cross me, and this all fits nicely with what we just witnessed in the Republican primaries.  Everybody but Trump and Haley dropped out, and all of them but Chris Christie, who has said over and over again that Trump is a danger to democracy and is unfit to be president, endorsed Trump...even the ones who had hinted that they too saw trump as dangerous and unfit.  DeSantis also said that Trump was a danger and unfit, though he said it was because Trump was to old to be president, but unfit is unfit.  Yet, when he suspended his campaign, DeSantis endorsed Trump despite his age and the questions about his fitness that it raises.  And the other poltroons who dropped out may never have said even that much about Trump's qualifications, but that is because of what they all have in common: they want to be vice-president.  They are aspiring cronies and sycophants one and all, and I hope Trump does nominate one of them as his running mate.  Maybe then some voters who somehow remain on the fence until then will climb down and vote against Trump and for Biden, even if they don't want to vote for Biden but realize that the risk of Trump getting in is too great to take because there will be a despicable, two-bit epigone waiting in the wings to take his place as the Republican leader if and when Trump ever leaves office.

I admit that all of this is derived from my speculation, right or wrong, that a Trumper left his shopping cart in a parking space because he thought he was entitled to do so because of his beliefs, but you have to agree that whether I was right or not, my conclusion was rational and well reasoned.  And on that basis, I hope the shopping cart villain gets what he deserves, just like his idol, Donald Trump.  As I have said often, on election day the American people get what they deserve.  I sure hope the majority of us don't deserve Donald Trump.

Your friend,


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