Letter 2 America for April 10, 2024

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Dear America,

The fact that more than 70 million Americas are mesmerized by a strutting martinet like Donald Trump bodes cataclysmic.  He is an overt, unapologetic narcissistic, megalomaniacal high school bully with the conscience and morality of a miscreant, and he has shown himself to be so...and he is proud of it.  He identifies with others of his ilk whom he has called, in Victor Putin's case, "strong and powerful" and "smart" on different occasions.  My guess is that he thinks the same of Viktor Orban, Xi jinping and Kim Jong-un, with whom he described his relationship as a "bromance" as he unsuccessfully tried to suborn Kim into giving up his nuclear program.  (Despite Trump's pandering, Kim has now built a nuclear threat to areas as far away as the east coast of our country, which at least has stopped Trump's bragging about cultivating their relationship.)  He has jeopardized our relationship with our NATO allies by saying that if the leader of one such who's country was in arrears in paying 2% of their GDP for defense, he would tell Putin to go ahead and invade, and do whatever he wants to that country.  If all that weren't enough to chill the affinity for him of those millions, he precipitated the January 6th takeover of our capital, purloined top-secret documents and refused to give them back necessitating the issuance of a warrant to seize them and bragged about having them to his "autobiographer" and others in her company.  He has been indicted for doing so and yet those 70+ million staunchly maintain their allegiance to him.  Consider the consequences of electing him president in light of just the things he has admitted.

He has bragged that he would be a dictator for a day if he were re-elected, and those millions seem to be undaunted by that.  But what they don't seem to realize is that if you vote for a man like that but get on the wrong side of him, the consequences will most likely be dire.  For example James Comey got fired, and so did the attorney general at the time, Jeff Sessions, because Comey wouldn't pledge his loyalty to Trump personally and Sessions wouldn't do anything about it.  Protesters at his rallies have been assaulted by members of his crowd, and Trump has volunteered to pay their legal fees.  He turned on Michael Cohen, Trump's long-time lawyer and "fixer," when he told the truth about Trump's attempt to pay off a porn star who was going to go public about her affair with Trump.  He publicly humiliated E. Jean Carroll when she went public about him sexually assaulting her in a department store, and then when a jury found him liable for the assault, he slandered her again, leading to another law suit.  He, a self-described rich man, lied on his taxes leading to tax liability of a mere $750 for each of two years when he was president, and then bragged that that just made him "smart."  And he was convicted of additional lies about the values of his properties so he could get loans, all the while bragging about how rich he is.  And all the while he has threatened retaliation against anyone who crosses him, which seems to be a laudable quality in the minds of his supporters despite the fact that he leads a life that requires that someone keep him in check or he will steal everything and punish everyone who stands in his way.  You'll notice that Melania Trump doesn't seem to get out much anymore.  On the last occasion on which I saw her appear with Trump, she left the stage holding his hand, but she pulled her hand away as soon as they had walked far enough away behind the podium that she presumably thought they were out of sight.  She doesn't appear with him at his campaign events or when he gets arrested or in court when he is indicted, though her visible support would indubitably be desirable.  Who knows what Trump has threatened her with to keep her quiet, and if he treats his wife that way, what do all those people think he would do to them if they ascended to significant positions, or someone whom they respected and admired did, and then disavowed Trump.  What wouldn't Trump do in his own interest.  He once bragged that he could murder someone on 5th Avenue in New York City and no one would do anything about it.  I wonder if his supporters would accept even that.

There's more, of course, to condemn Trump for, but I haven't got all day.  What I've mentioned should be enough to at least daunt Trump's adulators but you and I both know that it will never be enough for them to abandon him  And the fact is that I feel the same about them as I have confessed I do about conservatives and Republicans.  I don't trust Trump or those who vote for him, and neither they nor I will be changing any time soon.

Your friend,


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